Friday, 15 March 2013


I have a few friends on social network Facebook, very often or occasionally travelling around the world in a year. Jealous always come through my heart, every time I see their picture on vacations. There are very beautiful scenery in European, Asia, USA, Africa and New Zealand. This touched my emotion, when could I get over such places? Feeling relax and walking down the streets in the other countries. I’m from Malaysia, the hot and humid country in heart of Earth’s equator. I want to feel such cold and snowy and blooming flowers during spring. The clean, blue ocean and river. No pollution, or less. Can I have vacations around the world without money? Credit card? Soon we need money to pay debts too.

            Poverty is now happening all around the world. Look like it will be never ending story. Deep in my heart, feel pity of them. I can’t afford to help them. People say money and power both the root of evil. I agree sometimes, but not all the time. We need money and power to change the better world. Can money solve the poor’s problem? Mostly yes, in one condition. They have the “financial intelligence”. Without the financial intelligence, even the one million dollars down from the sky into them, gone by blink of an eye.

            By knowing the answer that money can solve the poor’s problem, and mostly bring to the “happiness”, that is a strong “Why” I want to be rich! I want to improve the standard of living for myself, my family, and humanities. I realize that by giving people “fish”, they won’t change. I want to teach people “fishing” so they will more appreciate what they earned. This is also “why” I write this book. “Why” you want to be rich?

            Different people will come with different answers. I asked one of my close friends, “why you want to be rich?” he said, “I’m tired of being broke, I have to pay more bills and debts, spends for food and other, day to day”. Some other religious people respond, they want to be rich, because they want to help the poor in term of donating money, build homes, feed them and bring them closer to religious way of life. Being rich and flooded with money or luxurious lifestyle is not the reasons why some people want to be rich, but they want to bring more happiness to the communities, the world filled with peace.

           As you know, nowadays, the cost of living becomes higher. What you can buy with $100 in the last 10 to 20 years, you can’t buy with the same quantities today. This is called inflation. The economy isn’t filled with money, but with debt. More people spend what they can’t afford. Governments and world banks are printing more money, just to save the economy. The citizens have to pay more taxes for government to absorb the financial crisis. The rich becomes richer, the middle class and poor struggling to survive. The rich know how to print and steal the money – legally. While the middle class and poor people just “go to school, get good grade and good job, work hard, save money and invest for a long-term in mutual fund and retirement plan”. When the economic crashed, all their money will be wiped out!

                        The question “why I want to be rich” is not enough. We must know “what I’m going to do to be rich?” Many of us have strong “why” but when come to “what”, we often lost. Even if we know and do the action that has been planned, suddenly the plan failed due to lack of knowledge and skill, we give up. The “why” must be followed with “what”. The most important part is “how do we do it?” Whatever reasons you have to be rich, keep them secure. Write on the paper. So you can always see. This is the “sun” and the “moon” which will bright your day and night.