Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Interesting Facts About Silver

My friend Daniel Foo who wrote the book
Practical Guide For Investing Silver In
Malaysia has just shared with me that
silver has a huge potential of going
uptrend in 2013 - 2014.

Here are some *interesting facts* he has
shared with me:

1) Silver supply has been on down trend
since 1950. The availability of above
ground silver has dropped from 10 billion
oz to less than 0.7 billion oz.

2) Silver price has been heavily suppressed
by price manipulation. As usual, any price
manipulation will lead to explosion sooner
or later.

3) Silver has unique characteristic
of being best electrical conductor and
anti bacteria element. The industry is
using silver for years and there is no
replacement for it so far.

When silver demand goes up and supply
goes down. The price will simply shoot up!

If you think this is interesting, watch
the video and download the exclusive report
on Daniel website:

Happy Investing :)

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