Monday, 21 January 2013


Apple announced the new iMacs on 23rd October 2012. The new model uses a lot more silver on the new Iris screen (which is much brighter) compared to the older models. In January 2013, Apple could not supply enough of this model.
“There is simply not enough silver available to produce them”, Bally A. said. The brighter screens require substantially more silver than the earlier models. That is also why there was a $100 price increase on most models of the iMac, he added.
3-month delay after the announcement has never happened before in Apple history! No business will ever tell the public what exactly went wrong within the business. Apple only addressed this as “production problems“. Well, common sense, it does not take 3 months to handle any ”production problems“. If a problem continues for 3 months, it is very likely to be an external factor that is out of Apple’s control. Silver shortage fits perfectly into such ”production problems“.

Silver is an industrial metal. If it
gets used up in and it is gone
forever. You will never hear
about people recycling silver in
on a handphone or on a laptop.

Almost all electronic devices uses
silver from the tiny RFID chip,
air-cond, washing machine, until
big item like solar panel.

Every year, industry consumption
is much faster than the silver 
being mined. In fact this month
alone (January 2013), more than 
6 million oz of silver are being 
used up for minting 1 single type 
of coin - American Silver Eagle 

The reality is there is no enough
silver in the world to keep up
with the demand:

A shortage in silver is NOT a
matter of *why*, but a matter of

You know what, the silver shortage
might have came early than I 
expected. There are already signs
that the industry did not have
enough silver to keep up with the
manufacturing and production:

The might be the first sign of
warning for investors who have not 
get any physical silver. This is the
"buy before it's too late" signal!

I'll keep you updated with more
silver news next time.

P.S.: Although some of the local 
silver stores still have stock,
many of them have already started
to raising their prices on silver due
to the shortage. You probably want to see this

Credit to Mr Daniel Foo :)

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